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Strona główna » Wusubi & Gnurrgard | New Patch Gnurrsubi Lippy
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Wusubi & Gnurrgard | New Patch Gnurrsubi Lippy

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What’s the point of playing Lippy?

Lippy allows you to exceed the provision limit. Skellige is the most consistent faction thanks to the amount of thinning, so instead of locking yourself into an archetype, Lippy plays as a value deck that trades up on bronzes with golds and potentially replays the gold cards later.

With the inclusion of Coral after the insane buff she just received, Bran ultimately ended up being the better Lippy leader, especially with all these specials having their provision cost reduced to 4 prov, which solved Bran’s issue with not having any „consistent” 4s to include.

Are you telling me that Round 2 matters?

With this deck yes, it absolutely does. Your bleed is so strong you can even bleed Monsters. Once you get some practice with the deck, you should know when to push and for how long. Make them waste provisions in R2 and your R3 draws are usually just better thanks to Lippy.

2x Longship? You don’t need Bloodthirst

You need proactive plays. Sometimes you lose R1 and without the last say, you’re in a very awkward situation with all the reactive cards, which is where Longship comes to the rescue. Coupled with damage cards and Leader pings, Longships also help you with killing engines.

Why are you playing 2 copies of Spores?

As mentioned above, Bran doesn’t really have any good 4 provision cards to play except for Skirmishers, Wolf Pack and Marauder. You can’t guarantee 2 Bloodthirst, so playing more than 1 copy of Pirate Captain can be awkward, even with 2 copies of Dimun Light Longship. You obviously don’t want to be playing more than 1 copy Marauder in a Lippy deck, which leaves us with… Brokvar Hunters? This is a tempo deck, we don’t want such useless crap.

Thankfully this is where Coral buff saves the day. You get 2 more discards, which allows you to correct your hand at crucial times, while also making your Lippy more powerful in general. Instead of having to play garbage 4 provision units, we can play specials now, because Coral deals 2 extra damage when discarding them. Specials were reduced from 5 to 4 provisions.


You’re playing a Lippy deck with Bran, which means that in vast majority of games, you will discard all your shitty 4s anyway. This can potentially make your Lippy worse, which is why you need to be careful with the timing. You can always try to save Birna or even Coral and use them for hand correction after Lippy, but in some matchups you don’t have the luxury.

Tech choices

Ideally, the deck should be playing 3 specials since you’re supposed to discard them with Coral anyway. Hilariously enough, sometimes you want to play them from hand. Currently, the list includes 2 copies of Spores since they can find good value vs cards such as Ozzrel.

– Engraged Ifrit

– Trophy Catch

+ Gimpy Gerwin

+ Dimeritium Shackles

With the nerf of Shupe: Huntard, Midrange decks with 2 copies of Bronzes are common, which means Gimpy can hit for 9 value consistently, while potentially removing engines. Gimpy is ridiculous vs the recent wave of Arachas Queen. NR runs Blue Stripes package. Against engine decks, you could also play Dimeritium Shackles instead of Trophy Catch.

Speaking of Arachas Queen, with the nerf to Spears, most people cut Artifact Removal from their decks. Some players are taking an advantage of this with cards like Summoning Circle. Brouver plays a lot of traps. You could consider Dimeritium Bomb, especially on pro ladder. You can easily counter Dragon’s Dream or Ragh Nar Rook friends, just throw in Clear Skies.


Marauder on bad coin > Roach > Witchers > 4 provision specials

If you bricked your Witchers AND Roach on good coin, keeping a bricked Witcher is fine, because that means you’re guaranteed to replay Witchers once you’ve slammed Lippy.

Tits and tricks

– Morkvarg isn’t always used with Lippy for 10 points. In some matchups winning R1 is very important, so that’s where you can discard Morkvarg for tempo. If you do this on red coin, you can threathen winning on even cards.

– Be smart with your Birna and Coral. You don’t want to waste them as they can always redraw your golds. Using them in R1 on Skirmishers is fine, but they get a lot more value after you’ve played Lippy. You rarely use them to „fish for something” in R1.

– Ulf can be used as Wolf Pack on steroids to kill an engine with Bran and/or Longship.

– If you have Blue Dream and Lippy in R2, try using Blue Dream first, since Lippy will put it back into your deck. This is exceptionally strong vs Monsters.

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