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Strona główna » LoLProPL | Arachas Queen Swarm (Rank 5)
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LoLProPL | Arachas Queen Swarm (Rank 5)

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Try to win round 1 by using your deathwish units and consuming them.
In r2 and r3 hard mulligan to find your combi pices (Germain, Yen, She-Troll, artifacts, Glustyworp, Avallach, Forktails and Nests).
In r3 play your artifacts first then slyzards or barbegazis to bait out removal and swarm your board. When your summoning circle gets 4 charges use it to summon Vran Warrior and combo it with Forktail, Yen or Glustyworp.
Beeing second in r3 is very helpful for this deck so don’t be afraid to push r1 and use some of your combo pices. However save you summoning circle for r3. If you’re on blue coin try to tempo out your opponent with deatwishes and Barbegazi or Kayran. If your hand isn’t too good play til you get ahead or til 5 cards left in hand. Playing Frightner r1 for tempo is ok too. If you’re on red coin try to push as hard as possible as long as you’re able to catch up in points.

Here are some deck highlights .

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