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Strona główna » Insomnia228 | Anti-control Elves & Traps
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Insomnia228 | Anti-control Elves & Traps

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Surprise, surpise – Eldain is actually good. Before this day I had zero games with this leader and I got to say that I regret it. It plays very different compare to Brouver trap decks and feels quite strong in the meta with a lot of cards that do damage. Let`s jump into general strategy:

1) Analyse what kind of deck do you play against. It`s very important to get rid of least valuable cards for certain match-up.

2) Depending on coin choose your gameplan: red – usually the right thing will be to play your worst cards keeping witcher trio and Roach for R2 to protect yourself from bleeding. Blue – you should do your best to win R1, using 1-2 charges of the leader to achieve it is acceptable.

3) In R1 and 2 you should play as many bodies (except Saesenthessis and Isengrim preferably) as possible to make your R3 board barely interactable.

4) Final round. Artifacts, traps and their interactions. Let`s start with the SUMMONING CIRCLE  in a 10 card round you can get any card you want from your deck or even two if you go for two 4p cards. Number one target is Isengrim, our finisher combined with the leader, then Iorveth and double 4p card (Dragoon/Scout as the first one and Neophyte that is going to be buffed by Isengrim as the second one). SERPENT TRAP . High risk high reward card, if you are not sure whether your opponent runs specials or not – mulligan this card or get rid of it on red coin in R1. Otherwise it should be your first or second play after Circle depending on the length of the round. PITFALL TRAP . Don`t be greedy with this card, double pitfall as the finisher is no longer a suprise to anyone so try to sneak this card in whenever your opponent doesn`t see it coming. MAHAKAM HORN . It always should be placed by the side of Saesenthessis to guarantee you at least one buff, usually you play this card in R1 and 2 with witchers to have enough bodies to get full value out of it. CRUSHING TRAP . Without any doubts it`s the best card in the list, there is no much that can be said about this card except of playing the last crushing trap with two cards remaining in your hand if you need targets for your leader in R3. INCINERATING TRAP. Flipping it immideately for three damage is usually the best option, especially when you need low damage removal for NR engines or thrive units as an example. So, to summarize everything written above: you finish the game using all your leader charges at once, summoning something out of circle and buffing all your evles with Isengrim + you get Aelirenn out on top of it. This deck does very good against both swarm and control decks, worst match-up is of course MO players who have their pass button disabled (it`s a hard one but still winnable).

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