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Strona główna » Babyjosus | Eldain z Rogiem Dowódcy (Rank 1)
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Babyjosus | Eldain z Rogiem Dowódcy (Rank 1)

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I like to open with witchers and roach, then play some of the low provisions bronzes and use mahakam horn to try to win r1. Preferably you win r1 on 4 cards so you can have 10 cards in r3 since you kind of want to dry pass r2. You could consider playing 1 crushing trap in r1 and pass the next turn which can get you a lot of value if your opponent is row stacking. Dragoons and ciaran are there to setup good value for the crushing traps. In case you are having a hard time in r1 you could also play commander’s horn and win with traps in r3.

If you won r1 on even you can consider pushing your opponent. Iorveth is there to replay a trap but probably pitfall trap. In r3 you want to open with summoning circle to get most value out of it and after that you play serpent trap. Serpent trap can get a lot of value against decks that run commander’s horn and dragons dream. Preferably you get aelirenn out from the deck in r3 by playing your leader charges on the traps (note: make sure to row stack your traps) and play isengrim as your finisher when there are a lot of them on the board. If you still have Commander’s Horn you play Isengrim before playing the Commander’s Horn. When you get aelirenn out in r1 you play too much tempo so try to avoid that situation.

I played this list since today and I am 3-1 with it at rank 1.

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